Asking for opinions: What's your view?, Would you go along with that?, What's your take on this?, What are your thoughts on this?, Disagreeing: I see your point but…, I tend to disagree with you there., Isn’t it more a case of…, I'm not so sure, We don't see eye to eye, Starting to make a conclusion: The bottom line is we have to choose one…, It’s a tough one, I’m torn between … and …., Shall we go with ….?, Agreeing: Yeah, I’d go along with that., I’m with you 100% on this one., I couldn’t agree more., You have a point there., Expressing your opinion: As far as I’m concerned,, As I see it,, From my point of view,, I’d say that…, I reckon that, Asking for repetition: I beg your pardon, I didn’t catch that., Sorry would you mind repeating that?, Could you repeat the question please?,




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