1) We can't cycle down that path. It's too ...... a) flat b) narrow c) low 2) I wonder how old these rocks are? I bet that they're ... a) ancient b) high c) pretty 3) Experienced surfers usually want to surf a ...... wave. a) low b) flat c) huge 4) The land around here is really ...... . There's not a hill in sight. a) narrow b) flat c) low 5) That was a really ....... storm. I thought I was going to die! a) horrible b) low c) amazing 6) It's definitely not the best waterfall I've seen but it's still .... a) scary b) horrible c) amazing 7) The view from the top of the cliff was .... a) incredible b) high c) ancient 8) We spent the whole day in the mountains and had an ..... time. a) ancient b) amazing c) pretty 9) The bird was so ..... it could fit in my hand. a) low b) tiny c) flat 10) Swimming with sharks? No, thank you - that's way too ..... for me! a) flat b) scary c) incredible

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