1) An expression for "Pull yourself together" a) tie your shoes together b) get your act together c) put your head together 2) To put someone out a) to accommodate them b) to bother them c) to fire them 3) "One girl painted her nails like that and they all..." a) jumped on the bandwagon b) hit the shop c) headed towards it 4) The difficult/dangerous part of an organisation is ... a) the far end b) the old end c) the deep end 5) I would rather eat out a) I would sooner eat out b) I would happier eat out c) I would keener eat out 6) Please avoid doing drugs a) Please steer clear of doing drugs b) Please stay clear of doing drugs c) Please stand clear of doing drugs 7) The news about their affair caused a... a) heated hysteria b) clamorous craze c) feeding frenzy 8) To get out of something means a) to dodge something b) to escape someting c) to forget about something 9) I knew he'd .... in prison a) get down b) wind up c) let off 10) To take something for granted means... a) to think it's harmful b) to consider it a God-given right

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