MR BURKE: Look at the animals on the wall behind me. Lenny, which do you think is the ____?LENNY: Er, I think the most exciting animal is the tiger. LENNY: Well, the Siberian tiger's the ____ and the strongest animal in the cat family. It's not the ____ cat, but it can run at 55 km an hour. The ____ Siberian tiger weighed 465 kilograms. STELLA: I think the ____ ____ animal is the dolphin. It's one of the ____ animals and I also think dolphins are the best parents - they look after their young for more than 3 years … erm … Oh yes and do you know that dolphins can't drink sea water? They have to get water from their food. MR BURKE: Yes, that's right Stella. Five points for you. The blue whale is the ____ animal in the world and now for my next question …




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