1) War fought from 1939 to 1945 between the Allies and the Axis, involving most of the countries in the world. a) Allied Powers b) World War II c) D Day d) Hirohito 2) A political party in Germany led by Adolf Hitler a) Allied Powers b) Axis Powers c) dictator d) Nazis 3) Alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan during WWII a) Army b) World War II c) Allied Leaders d) Axis Powers 4) Dictator that led the Nazi Party in Germany a) Allied Powers b) Joseph Stalin c) Adolf Hitler d) Duke of Sussex 5) Dictator of Italy during WWII a) Franklin D. Roosevelt b) Holocaust c) Hirohito d) Benito Mussolini 6) Alliance of Gr. Britain, France, US, Canada, Soviet Union and other nations during WWII a) The Cartel b) Allied Powers c) Navy seamen d) Franklin D. Roosevelt 7) Leader of the Soviet Union during WWII a) Franklin D. Roosevelt b) Hirohito c) Winston Churchill d) Joseph Stalin 8) Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII a) Allied Powers b) Winston Churchill c) Nazis d) World War II 9) US President at the beginning of WWII a) Leader of Allied Powers b) Teddy Roosevelt c) Joseph Stalin d) Franklin D. Roosevelt 10) US President that made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan ending WWII a) Herbert Hoover b) Harry Truman c) Axis Powers d) Winston Churchill 11) US Naval base bombed by Japan which led to the US entering the fight during WWII a) World War II Headquarters b) Ice Station Zebra c) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii d) Iwo Jima 12) The murder of 12 million Jews and others by Hitler during WWII a) Holocaust b) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii c) Winston Churchill d) Axis Powers 13) Prison where the Nazis enslaved and murdered millions of Jews and others during WWII a) concentration camp b) Axis Powers c) Allied Powers d) Holocaust 14) The day that Allied forces invaded Nazi-held Europe by entering at Normandy, France, hoping to bring an end to WWII. (Largest EVER invasion by sea) Turning point in WWII a) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii b) Harry Truman c) D Day d) Franklin D. Roosevelt 15) The Battle of Leningrad was a turning point on the ____________________ _________________. a) Eastern Front b) Western Front c) Guadal Canal d) Battle of Midway 16) The Battle of Leningrad finally ended because: a) The Germans were starving. b) The Germans were freezing to death. c) The Germans surrended to the Russians. d) All of these are TRUE! 17) Rule that allowed us to support allies fighting Germany during WWII a) Lend-Lease Act b) cash and run c) Financing d) Stoeln Goods Act. 18) What Treaty punished Germany for WWI and set up Europe for WWII. a) Treaty of Versailles b) King for a Day c) The Neutrality Act d) The Fiscal Responsbility Act 19) What factors led to WWII occurring? a) World wide economic depression. b) rise of facism c) Heavy financial penalties against Germany d) All of These things. 20) Group that helped keep U.S. naval plans in the Pacific secret in WWII. a) Navajo Code Talkers b) Asian Speaking soldiers and sailors c) Secret map mapkers d) Morse Code operators 21) Soldiers and sailors in the Pacific Theatre faced: a) swarms of diseasse carrying misquitos b) damp jungle conditions c) limited rations d) All of the these are true. 22) Cities where atomic bombs were dropped by the U.S. to defeat Japan.... a) Nagasaki and Hiroshima b) Tokyo and Bejing c) Kyoto and Osaka d) None of these are correct




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