Gravity Model: Predicting migration flows between two large but distant cities , Determining which two cities will interact most economically, Determining the airline routes most likely to be profitable, Examining how the growth of megacities might impact migration flow patterns, Christaller's Central Place Theory: Identifying food deserts (locations where fresh food is not available in close walking or driving distance), Determining the most profitable location for a business within a city, Measuring the distance rural residents must travel in order to reach a hospital, Coordinating a vaccine distribution program within a city, Primate City/Urban Primacy vs. Rank Size Rule: Evaluating the relative influence of municipal governments, Identifying patterns of uneven spatial development in a country, Predicting population density patterns in a country, Flashback: Demographic Transition Model: Predicting future population size in a country, Examining the relationship between urbanization and birth rates, Identifying countries with declining populations, Determining whether a country's resources would be best used to build schools or nursing homes,

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