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1) The Wiring Regulations are? a) Non-statutory b) legal c) Statutory 2) The HASWA came out in a) 1989 b) 1974 c) 1874 3) 50mA can a) kill you b) tickle you c) make you sneeze 4) An employer should bring about a) a safe system of work b) a safe system of weight c) a safe system of soil 5) PPE a) stops accidents b) reduces the effects of an accident c) reduces accidents 6) The HASWA 1974 is also known as an a) Enabling Act b) Non-Statutory c) Disabling Act 7) A Mandatory sign means a) Has to be met b) Maybe met c) should be met 8) The first step in a risk assessment is? a) Look for risks b) Look for hazards c) Look for a review 9) All hand held equipment on SITE should be powered through a) 230 V b) 50 V c) 110 V d) 400 V 10) PPE is only necessary a) to get on site b) when you cannot remove the hazard c) when you can remove the hazard 11) The HASWA 1974 is a) Statutory b) Non-Statutory c) A type of wig 12) Always put a casualty in the a) recovery position b) upside down c) on their back d) uncomfortable position 13) A near miss should be a) ignored b) recorded c) forgotten d) laughed about 14) A prohibition order a) stops a dangerous operation b) helps a dangerous operation c) improves a dangerous operation d) aids a dangerous operation 15) All serious accidents should be recorded through a) RISALL b) RISLA c) RIDDOR d) RIPVANWINKLE 16) Rescue breaths and chest compressions should be carried out using which ratio? a) 30:2 b) 15:1 c) 30:1 d) 15:2 17) The Electricity at Work Regulation came out in? a) 1974 b) 1989 c) 1874 d) 1889 18) SWL means a) Safe Working Lift b) Safe Weight Lift c) Safe Working Load d) Safe Working Log 19) Electrical isolation removes a) all electrical energy b) some electrical energy c) a little bit of electrical energy 20) A procedure that controls hazards is known as: a) Risk assessment b) Permit To Work c) Method Statement 21) A procedure that is used to control procedures in Hazardous environments is known as  a) Risk Assessment b) Permit To Work c) Method Statement 22) The safe isolation procedure is a good example of a a) Risk Assessment b) Permit To Work c) Method Statement 23) Pete is a) an excellent teacher b) is OK as a teacher c) is fairly good as a teacher

Health & Safety 2


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