a mover and shaker - Louise is an influential and dynamic woman who makes things happen., a yes-man - Martin always agrees with everything his boss says., a moonlighter - Liv secretly has a second job which she goes to in the evening, and which pays cash., a Man Friday/a Girl Friday/Person Friday - Lars does a large variety of small jobs in the office., an idea hamster  - Mala always appears to have an endless supply of good ideas., a heavy hitter - Bengt is a senior executive who performs extremely well., a boomerang worker - Theres left the company last year, but returned to work for us again last month., an empty suit - Steen is an executive who dresses well and follows procedure, but doesn't actually contribute much to the company., a goldbricker - Ursula is a lazy employee who tries to get away with doing the least possible amount of work., a digithead - Frederic is very knowledgeable about technology and mathematics, but is not very good at relating to people., a hip shooterager - Wendy always follows her instincts when responding to a question rather than considering it rationally.,

HR relevant idiomatic nouns (part 2)




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