1) When exercising, what system helps you get oxygen from the air? a) circulatory b) respiratory c) digestive d) muscular 2) What system helps move the oxygen throughout your body? a) muscular b) digestive c) respiratory d) circulatory 3) How many systems does the human body have? a) 9 b) 4 c) 11 d) 20 4) When you exercise, your heart rate... a) increases b) decreases 5) When you exercise, your breathing rate a) decreases b) increases 6) Which body system includes the lungs? a) respiratory b) digestive c) circulatory d) muscular 7) Which body system includes the heart? a) digestive b) circulatory c) muscular d) respiratory 8) When you straighten your leg, the muscles at the bottom a) contract b) relax

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