I have a ghost in my house. What should I do?, I'm a shopaholic. I can't stop buying clothes. What should I do?, My dog's barking all the time. What should I do?, I want to get a new phone. What phone should I buy?, I forgot my best friend's birthday yesterday. What should I do?, I'd like to go on holiday next month. Where should I go?, I have a very stressful job and I need to relax. What should I do?, I want to take up a new hobby in my free time. What hobby should I take up?, I want to make some new friends. What should I do?, I want to learn to dance. What kind of dancing should I learn?, I'd like to buy a pet but I live in an apartment. What pet should I buy?, My friends are coming over for dinner and I can't cook. What should I do?, I want to have a really romantic evening with my partner. Where should we go?.


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