1) Human activity ________ pollution. a) reduces b) causes c) avoids 2) Pollution _____ us. a) affects b) adds c) avoids 3) __ _ _____ of pollution the climate is changing. a) Due to b) Cause of c) As a result 4) Climate change _____ __ more natural disasters a) leads to b) as a result c) cause to 5) Apocalyptic weather events ___ _______ __ climate change.  a) have an effect on b) are caused by c) since 6) Climate change happens ______ __ pollution a) due to b) is caused by c) since 7) Cimate change happens____ __ the greenhouse effect. a) leads to b) because of c) as a result 8) We have to tackle this issue, _____ our survival depends on it a) due to b) is caused by c) since

ESOL cause effect and climate change




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