Aesthetics - Describing what the product will look like, Design Specification - List of criteria your product will need to meet. (Mrs Foulkes calls it a shopping list), Velcro - The cushion fastening , Fleece - Main body of Fabric , Felt - Fabric used for the front design, Fray - When you cut the Felt fabric, it will not..., Waste - If we measure and cut the fabric correctly, we will prevent., Applique - Sewing technique used when applying 2 fabrics ontop of eachother., Sewing Machine - Used in the manufacturing stage, Fabric Scissors - Used to cut the Fabric., Thread - Long thin strand to sew fabric together., Customer - Who you've designed the cushion for., Environment - The way we make the cushion, might affect the..., Initial Ideas - Simple designs that you thought of at the start of the project., Final Design - Communicates your most improved ideas. Shows what you intend on making.,




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