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Corban - A gift dedicated to God which meant that it could not be used for anything else , Fasting - Going without food on certain days as a sign of devotion to God , The Law - The collection of laws handed down by God and collected in the Torah, Palm Sunday - The Sunday before Good Friday when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, Passion - The sufferings of Jesus, especially in the time leading up to his crucifixion, Pharisees - A religious group whose aim was to keep the traditional Jewish faith alive, Ritual cleanliness - The Jewish laws on food and washing which prevented anything unclean entering the body, Sabbath - The Jewish day of rest on the seventh day of the week, Sadducees - Group of priests who controlled the Temple who controlled the Temple and collaborated with the Romans , Scribes - Religious lawyers; originally men who made copies of the Torah, Sinners - Those who did not follow all the Jewish laws, The Temple - The building in Jerusalem where sacrifices were made ,

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