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1) The Montagues and Capulets are powerful in Verona. But who controls the law, and holds the most power? a) The Mayor of Verona b) Prince Esxalus c) The Judge 2) What does Prince Escalus tell the warring families will be the punishment for fighting? a) Banishment from Verona b) Imprisonment c) Death 3) Who is Romeo intensely in love with at the very start of the play? a) Juliet b) Rosaline c) A princess 4) Who asks for Juliet's hand in marriage? a) Tybalt b) Peter c) Paris 5) Why does Friar Lawrence think Romeo and Juliet's marriage would be a good idea? a) Bringing the two families together will make him money. b) He thinks they should be married for religious reasons. c) He thinks the union will stop the fighting in Verona. 6) Which one of Romeo's companions is known for making humourous comments? a) Benvolio b) Mercutio c) Balthasar 7) Who kills Tybalt in a fight, fuelled by anger? a) Romeo b) Mercutio c) The Apothecarry 8) After they spend their wedding night together, what does Juliet foresee? a) A fight in a cemetery b) A vision of Romeo in a grave c) Birds singing 9) Who provides Juliet with the drug that will help fake her death? a) The nurse b) Friar Lawrence c) Balthasar 10) Where does Romeo fight Paris? a) At the entrance of Verona b) Outside the Capulet's home c) Near Juliet's tomb

Romeo And Juliet Quiz


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