how you travelled and what your journey was like, where you went and with whom, how you travelled and what your accommodation was like, what the local area was like, what you did in the evenings, how you got with your partner's family, what opportunities you had to use your French, describe an excursion you made, what you enjoyed about your stay, what the school was like, differences between Scottish and French schools, what was a typical school day like, what job you did and what it was like, what you did during the working day, what you did in the evenings after work, where you found the job advert and how you applied, what you thought about the job, what you did with the money you earned, how you got on with your teachers, what you thought of the meals you had while you were there, how you got on with your own family on holiday, how you got on with your partner and his/her family, what French Christmas traditions you experienced, what you did at the market, how you used your French, what you did with your partner's family at the weekend, what you thought of the concert, what you did after the concert, what problems you experienced and how you dealt with them, if you intend to keep in touch with your partner, whether or not you would repeat the experience, whether you would recommend a similar trip to others, if you would recommend working abroad to your friends, if you would attend another concert in the future, what you intend to do when your partner visits Scotland.

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