1) good naturedly 2) Ralph, a naturalist, 3) noticed a phony signature 4) in the green pasture 5) ruptured the silence 6) by the ugly sculpture 7) due to excessive costs 8) vacated the structure 9) the huge vulture 10) next to the punctured tire 11) when he captured a gopher 12) lost his expensive dentures 13) A venture capitalist will invest money based on the future value of a small company. 14) The immature lecturer failed to capture the attention of his students. 15) The expenditures for the manufacturing process are way over budget. 16) Clyde needed three sutures to close the massive puncture in his leg. 17) Debby liked the texture of the elegant new sink fixture. 18) Nebraska’s legislature did not fund the expansion of pasture land. 19) His dentures were attached using a mixture of glue and paste. 20) Byron’s excellent posture is due to his strong musculature system. 21) fixture 22) lectures 23) dentures 24) signature 25) manufacturing 26) premature 27) culture 28) immaturity 29) textural 30) sutures 31) legislature 32) subculture 33) agricultural

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