1) What does midst mean? a) confused b) at the end c) at the begining d) in the middle 2) What does rebellious mean? a) following all the rules b) going against whoever is in charge c) loyal to the end d) not very intelligent 3) What does temporary mean? a) not lasting a long time b) something that takes too long c) something that is permanent d) evil and dangerous 4) What does advantages mean? a) you are losing b) things that make hungry c) something that happened before d) something that helps you 5) What does previously mean? a) what happened before something b) what happened after something c) you are late d) angrily 6) When you object you are.. a) agreeing b) disagreeing c) not talking d) going along with something 7) To prohibit something means to a) encourage others b) help out c) forbid or not allow something d) support something 8) A benefit is a) something not helpful b) something helpful or useful c) a disadvantage d) a rule you cannot break 9) What does contrary mean? a) to be in agreement with everyone b) to disagree with most people c) to be upset d) to be happy 10) To repeal something means to a) begin something new b) to end a law c) to support a cause d) to start a war

Journeys 5th Grade Lesson 12 Vocabulary




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