1) What is the chapter about? a) rain b) wind c) Sun 2) What does the Sun heat up on Earth? a) water b) air c) wind 3) What can sunny days be? a) snowy b) warm c) rainy 4) What can too much Sun hurt? a) skin b) hair c) houses 5) What is important to know about this chapter? a) The Sun is far away. b) The sun is cold. c) The Sun changes the weather. 6) What does the water vapor cool down and form? a) mountains b) rainbows c) clouds 7) What can the water in clouds be? a) rain b) rocks c) lava 8) What do people wear on sunny days to protect their eyes? a) pants b) earrings c) sunglasses 9) What should you do if you are going to be outside in the sun for a long time? a) Put in earplugs. b) Put on sunscreen. c) Put on shoes. 10) Why do people like to do things outside on sunny days? a) Sunny days are always freezing. b) People like to feel the rain. c) Sunny days are usually nice to stay outside.




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