1) Nelly denies _________ the window. a) breaking b) to break c) break 2) I suggested __________ a sitcom. a) to watch b) watching c) watch 3) I recommend ________ your feelings down on paper. a) writing b) write c) to write 4) She admitted____ a) making a mistake. b) (that) she had made a mistake. c) to make a mistake  5) They encouraged _____foreign languages at school. a) us learning b) learning c) to us to learn d) us to learn 6) I have always regretted ______harder at school. a) not to study b) not having studied c) not studying 7) He is trying to persuade ______________in the project. a) to local and foreign businesses investing b) local and foreign businesses to invest c) local and foreign businesses invest 8) They warned ________ the fish which might upset our stomachs. a) us not to eat b) us to not eat c) us not eating 9) On cold mornings the car always refuses _____. a) to start b) starting c) start 10) My father offered _____ us to the airport. a) take b) taking c) to take




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