An artist whose work I admire is Frida Kahlo., Something that I'd love to own would be a pair of designer sunglasses. , The time when I'm most creative is late at night., The colour which I wear most often is vivid pink., The best gallery in the world, where many famous artworks are housed, is the National Gallery in London., My favourite possession, which is decorative rather than useful, is a poster of Van Gogh's sunflowers., I don't like artwork that I don't understand., A city I'd like to visit, where there'r plenty of interesting architecture, is St Peterburg., I like the work of artists who push the boundires of art. , My family, when I think about it, were always my hugest supporters. , When you don't know what to say, you'd better not say anything. , That is what happens when you play with fire. , He buys me coffee almost every morning, which means he liekes me, doesn't it?, Some people never clean thier dogs' poo, which is outrageous, if you ask me. .




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