We loved the film ____ the fact it was too long I'm very happy at school, ____ there's a lot of homework ____ not really understanding the film, I still really enjoyed it. Carl doesn't like spending money ____ he's very rich All of my family are really good at painting. ____, I am good at sewing. I went shopping ____ I didn't have any money. My sister and I learnt to play the piano. My brother, ____, learnt to play the guitar. The art gallery will still exhibit the artist's work ____ he has been arrested. I must say that in ____ the service, the food was delicious. Music is really important to me ____ I can't play an instrument. ____ learning Japanese for five years, I have never visited the country. ____ he's clever, he's not kind. ____ not being able to see very well, I loved the concert. ____ I was really tired, I couldn't sleep. I didn't get the job ____ having the necessary qualifications.

L1 ESOL Clauses of contrast




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