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1) I ______ sleeping a) are b) is c) am d) aren't 2) He is ___________. a) siting b) sitin c) sit d) sitting. 3) They __________ singing. a) aren't b) isn't c) arn't d) are n't 4) He ____________. a) is danceing b) is dancing. c) is dance. d) are dancing. 5) Pete is ____________. a) run b) running. c) runing. d) runs. 6) Sam _____________ his dog. a) isn't walking b) isn't walk c) doesn't walking d) aren't walking 7) Ella and Sam _____________. a) is talking b) is talk. c) are talkking. d) are talking 8) Are you having fun? a) Yes, I am b) Yes, I'm. c) No, I'm not. d) No, I amn't.


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