Award Letter - A letter that outlines your financial aid package from the college(s) to which you applied, detailing your federal, state, institutional and private aid, SAR (Student Aid Report) - Report you get back from FAFSA with what you qualify for as aid., EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) - What the government THINKS your family should be able to afford for your education YEARLY., FAFSA - Form students fill out annually to determine what their need is for financial aid from federal government., Net Price - Actual expenses that a student pays in order to attend college, which is calculated as the sticker price of a college minus the financial aid received, Room and Board - Cost of housing and food while at college, Scholarships - Type of aid primarily awarded for academic merit (good grades) or for something you have accomplished (volunteer work, athletics, etc) that does not need to be repaid, Tuition - Sticker price for just the ACADEMIC portion of school., Work Study - A program that provides funds to eligible students in exchange for part-time employment to help finance the costs of postsecondary education, Cost of Attendance (COA) - Total expense to go to college which may include tuition, room and board, fees, books and supplies, computer costs, transportation to/from home, health insurance, etc., Loans - Money you borrow to go to school that you MUST pay back., Grants - Money awarded based on financial need. You don't have to pay it back., Books and Supplies - Textbook and course materials you will need for your classes. Average is around $1,400 per year. , Personal Expenses - This might include laundry, cell phone bill, eating out, stuff you normally spend money on., Travel Expenses - This will vary depending on how you travel. You might commute or take a trip home. This would be the cost of driving., Bachelor's Degree - This degree takes approx 4 years and 120+ credits to complete., Associate's Degree - This degree usually takes approx. 2 years to complete., Skilled Trades - This degree varies in time and requirements based on focused skill set. Can also be learned through apprenticeship or on-the-job training. , application - In order to go to a college, you must fill out an ______. , Acceptance Letter - If the admissions office determines you meet their requirements to come to their school, they will send you an ______ ______. , GPA - Grade Point Average, Oct 1 - When FAFSA application opens every year., Fall of Senior Year - When you should start applying for colleges.,




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