1) She has got brown eyes and long brown hair. a) b) c) 2) He has got brown eyes and short spiky hair. a) b) c) 3) I have got brown hair, a moustache and a beard. Also, I have got glasses. a) b) c) 4) I have got curly hair and blue eyes. a) b) c) 5) She has got short red hair and blue eyes. a) b) c) 6) I have got long blond hair and small eyes. a) b) c) 7) He has got a long moustache and a very big nose. a) b) c) 8) I have got blue glasses and short brown hair. a) b) c) 9) I am short and fat. I have got dark straight hair. a) b) c) 10) I have got a big mouth, long hair and a small nose. a) b) c) 11) He has got glasses and a moustache but he hasn't got a beard. a) b) c) 12) I have a long beard and brown eyes but I'm bald, I haven't got hair. a) b) c) 13) She has got two ponytails and long blond hair. a) b) c) 14) He is tall and thin. He has got black hair. a) b) c) 15) We are thin and sociable.We have got dark hair. a) b) c)




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