1) What is this chapter about? a) clouds b) rivers c) farms 2) What are clouds a part of? a) oceans b) weather c) forests 3) How do clouds look on rainy days? a) gray b) clear c) red 4) What do gray clouds have? a) stars b) mud c) water droplets 5) What is important to know about this chapter? a) The earth revolves around the Sun. b) Big water droplets can fall as rain from clouds c) Water is only found on Earth. 6) What can rain ruin? a) Your bathing suit. b) Your smile. c) Your plans. 7) What can rain provide? a) drinking water b) dirty clothes c) soft bed 8) What can heavy rain for a long time cause? a) blizzard b) flood c) tornado 9) What can happen in a flood? a) Cars can drive really fast. b) Water can cover the ground and streets. c) Stores can sell more toys. 10) What should you do during heavy rain? a) Listen to weather reports and stay safe. b) Run around outside. c) Swim in the pool.




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