1) When did Hungary turn into a socialist state? a) 1948 b) 1949 c) 1947 d) 1950 2) Who was leading the Hungarian Communists party? a) Ferenc Nagy b) Gerő Ernő c) Farkas Mihály d) Mátyás Rákosi 3) Who was leading the Hungarian Economy? a) Mátyás Rákosi b) Révai József c) Gerő Ernő 4) in 1949 Hungary joined the... a) Komekon b) Comecon c) Comekon d) KGST e) KSTG 5) What was mainly used during this era? a) Terror b) Socialistic thinking c) Rational Thinking 6) What was abolished during the era? a) Concentration camps b) Social layers c) Private ownership d) Collectivization 7) What were the peasants called who resisted? a) Gulags b) Kulags c) Kulaks 8) the classless society was what kind of thinking a) Nationalistic b) Socialistic c) Communistic 9) Who ended Terror? a) Imre Nagy b) Gerő Ernő c) Révai József d) Farkas Mihály e) Rákosi Mátyás 10) When did Stalin die? a) 1953 b) 1954 c) 1952 d) 1951




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