material  - clothing is made from many different kinds of ___ like cotton, leather and wool., size - i like the color and style but the ___ is too big. Ineed soemthing larger., jeans - they have two legs, they are made with denim, plaid - something with pattern of squares and lines, usually with more than one color, sleeveless  - an adjective that describes a top without arms, hood - a noun that names a jacket or sweatshirt that has a part that covers the head , dressup - a phrasal verb we use when we are going to wear fancy clothes for a costume party , takeback - when after buying something you decide to bring it back to the store, boots - wear them on your feet in rain or snow, takeoff - a phrasal verb we use when we remove any item of clothing from our body, trendy - an adjective we use to describe someone very fashionable and modern , tailored - clothing made by or in the style of clothes made by a tailor, cap - an adjective to describe an unconventional person that has a strange mix of traits that somehow end up being kind of interesting or charming, zipup - to be closed by means of a zipper, jewelry - personal ornaments, typically made from jewels and precious metal,




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