Salami Tactics - a strategy, where the anti-communist groups were sliced up, democratic politicians, parties were excluded. With the help of the dividation, they were able to eliminate the rivals one-by-one, "Csengőfrász" - the procedure of the AVH, when they barged into someone's home and took them away during the night, Potemkin Village/Potyemkin falu - fake villages built in order to impress foreign powers, delegates, Personality cult - admiration of a leader, Show Trial/Koncepciós Per - a trial with fake charges, where the defendant's faith was already determined, Kulaks - the wealthy upper layer of the peasantry, Collectivisation - when the private properties in a country gets into the ownership of the government, Cominform - International communist organization controlled from Moscow, State Protection Authority (AVH) - Political police: their goal is to eliminate all those who oppose the communist ideas and those protect the leaders of the party, Malenkij Robot - forced labour camps in the Soviet Union,




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