1) How long did the Rákosi era last? a) 1945-1947 b) 1948-1951 c) 1947-1953 d) 1949-1953 2) Which of these was not compared with Rákosi? a) ÁVH b) MDP c) SZEB d) ÁVO e) MKP 3) Which one is Rákosi? a) b) c) d) e) 4) Who were the members of the "négyesfogat"? a) Rákosi Mátyás b) Farkas Mihály c) Gerő Ernő d) Péter Gábor e) Révai József 5) Aside from tradition, what was celebrated on August 20th? a) St. Stephen's Day b) The new constitution c) The birthday of Rákosi's daughter 6) "Blue-ballot" elections. What did this name cover? a) your hand turned blue from the ink b) you had to write your vote on blue paper c) this was just made up d) they cheated the elections 7) About how many people were deployed during the Rákosi era? a) 1,000,000 b) 13,000 c) 300,000 d) 500,000 8) Who followed Rákosi in the party secretary general's office after he failed? a) Péter Gábor b) Nagy Imre c) Gerő Ernő d) Nagy Ferenc e) Kádár János 9) When did he die? a) 1962. b) 1971. c) 1967. d) 1957. 10) In which party did Rákosi FIRST appear? a) Council of Ministers of the Hungarian People 's Republic b) Hungarian Workers' Party c) Hungarian Communist Party




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