1) What is this chapter about? a) mountains b) wind c) thunderstorm 2) What do thunderstorm make? a) lightning b) earthquake c) volcanoes 3) What is lightning? a) loud noise b) flash of light c) drop of rain 4) What can thunderstorm be? a) dangerous b) safe c) funny 5) What is important to know about this chapter? a) Thunderstorm are small storms with light winds. b) Stay outside and play during a thunderstorm. c) Go inside the house if a thunderstorm is coming. 6) What can lightning do to a tree? a) set on fire b) flood in water c) blow over the wind 7) What are loud noises in a thunderstorm? a) cannons b) thunder c) airhorn 8) What can a severe thunder storm have? a) hail and strong winds b) lava and ashes c) umbrella and rainbows 9) What is hail? a) drops of rain that fall in the ocean b) snowflakes that flurry in the air c) chunks of ice that fall to the ground 10) Why is it important to go inside the house if there is a thunderstorm warning? a) The thunderstorm is going to happen in 4 days. b) The thunderstorm is happening or going to happen where you live.. c) Being inside is unsafe during thunderstorm. 

Thunder, Lightning and Hail




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