corrupt - something that is dishonest, illegal, or immoral, done in order to gain money or power, dumplings - a small ball of dough (= a mixture of flour, fat and water) that is cooked and served with meat dishes or in soup, exile - a period of time in which you are forced to live or work away from the place that you prefer, favour - approval or support for somebody/something, feature - something important, interesting or typical of a place or thing, intangible - that exists but cannot be touched; difficult to describe, understand or measure, paddle - a pole with a flat end used to move a small boat through the water, slander - to say something (written or verbally) about someone that is not true and is likely to damage their reputation, to spur on - to encourage someone to do something, to trace - to find the origin or cause of something, to wade - to walk in or through water that is not very deep, to ward off - ​to protect or defend yourself against danger, illness, attack, etc.,




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