1) Honey bees can sleep. a) b) 2) What are the 3 kinds of bees in a colony (society). a) queen bee b) king bee c) worker bee d) drone bee 3) How many times can a bee flap its wings per second? a) 1,000 times b) 6 times c) 230 times 4) Honey bees are...? a) carnivores (eats meat) b) herbivores (eats plants-pollen-nectar) c) omnivores (eat plants & meat) 5) The nest is made of....? a) sticks and grass b) paper c) wax 6) How many eyes does a honey bee have? a) 5000 b) 500 c) 5 7) The worker bees (that gather the pollen and nectar) are female. a) b) 8) The honey bee is on every continent EXCEPT....? a) Asia b) Europe c) North America d) Australia e) Antarctica f) South America 9) How do worker bees communicate? a) squeaking b) high fives c) waggle dance 10) Do you like to eat the foods listed? Thank a honey bee! Choose 1 food that is pollinated by the bumble bee.  a) watermelons b) cashews c) broccoli d) blueberries e) apples f) potatoes  11) Which bee is a honey bee? a) b) c) d)




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