1) Newspapers print many cartoons. a) cartoons b) many c) print d) newspapers 2) Cartoons tell exciting stories. a) exciting b) cartoons c) tell d) stories 3) The people who draw cartoons are talented artists. a) cartoons b) draw c) people d) talented 4) The original drawings for cartoons are often valuable. a) valuable b) cartoons c) original d) often 5) Many read a comic that took place in an Asian city. a) many b) comic c) Asian d) place 6) It was about a Japanese girl who was lost. a) girl b) Japanese c) it d) lost 7) The story ended when a Spanish woman helped her get home. a) Spanish b) story c) woman d) ended 8) The Italian character was a hero too. a) hero b) too c) character d) Italian 9) I like this comic because it has vibrant drawings. a) like b) vibrant c) comic d) drawings 10) In our story, Greg created and sold tiny comics to classmates. a) Greg b) tiny c) interested d) classmates

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