Can you play a musical instrument?, How many times have you been abroad?, Did you go to bed late last night?, What do you usually have for breakfast?, When did you last get a handwritten letter?, Could you swim when you were five years old?, Are you afraid of any animals or insects?, Can you say "I love you" in four languages?, Have you tried Vegemite? What did you think?, Where is the coldest place you have been?, What's the funniest slang you have heard in a conversation?, What is one fun fact about you that no one else knows?, What motivates you to work hard?, When was the last time you went to a doctor?, What is something you could do to be healthier?, Do you see yourself as a healthy or an unhealthy person?, What is something unhealthy that you have eaten this week?, What exercise have you done this week?, How much sleep do you usually get each night?, How would you improve the health of citizens in your country?.

EAP I2 M2 U10 He/She said that / told me that... reported speech


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