the incorrect application of heat can affect the hair & scalp by - ruining the hair , hair in it normal unstretched state is known as - Alpha Keratin , Hydroscopic means the hair  - can absorb and retain moisture , the finger wave technique is performed by  - by creating a crest in the form of an S shape , in art of dressing hair which 3 factors should be considered  - hair growth patterns, face shape & hair type , If naturally curly hair is straightened humidity will make the hair   - loosen the style , In blow drying, what brush would you use to create a smooth sleek finish  - Denman Flat brush, when curling the hair it - give movement, volume and body , you backcomb the hair using the following method - root to tip , what equipment would you use to create a smooth sleek look - straighteners , why do you give clients after care advise - helps clients to inform them on how to care for their hair , you back comb to give the hair - volume & height , how do heat protectors help the hair - Acts a protective film on the cuticle , pin curling is best described as - a curl without root lift , a diffuser is used on - curly hair ,




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