1) Doctor: "How can I help you?" a) You: "I've got a stomachache." b) You: "I've got a headache." 2) You: "I've got a headache." a) Doctor: "You should take an aspirin." b) Doctor: "You should visit the dentist." 3) D: "What seems to be the matter?" a) Y: "I think I've got a cold." b) Y: "I've got a toothache." 4) D: "What's the problem?" a) Y: "I've got the flu." b) Y: "I've got a stomachache." 5) Y: "Well, my stomach hurts and I've been throwing up all night." a) Y: "You should take this medicine and hydrate." b) Y: "You should take some aspirins." 6) D: "What's wrong?" a) Y: Well, my head hurts and I've got a fever."  b) Y: "I've got  a skin allergy." 7) D: "Any other symptoms?" a) Y: "Yes, my body hurts."  b) Y: "You should take an antiacid." 8) Y: "Well, my head hurts and I've got a fever." a) D: "You should see a doctor." b) D: " You should go to school." 9) D: "How long have you had these symptoms?" a) Y:"Since I was a baby." b) Y: " For 2 days." 10) Y: " I've got a cough and a fever." a) D: " You should wear a mask." b) D: "You should go to the dentist." 11) D: "What's the matter?" a) Y: "I've got a backache." b) Y: "I've got a sore throat."

G5- Health Problems




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