1) He ______ play chess. a) don't b) doesn't 2) Lucy ______ read books. a) do not b) does not 3) Tom and Peter ________ play cards. a) don't b) doesn't 4) Tom _______ skiing in winter, but he _______ like swimming in summer. a) like, don't b) likes, doesn't c) like, doesn't d) likes, don't 5) I ________ horror movie. a) don't watch b) don't watches c) doesn't watch d) doesn't watches 6) He _______ Scrabble very well. a) do not play b) does not play c) do not plays d) does not plays 7) She ______ listen to music a) don't b) doesn't 8) We _______ have English lesson on Monday. a) do not b) does not 9) She ______ have a birthday today. a) do not b) does not 10) Tom _______ broccoli. a) doesn't likes b) don't likes c) doesn't like d) don't like




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