1) What was the essence of salami tactics? a) Bribery of political parties b) Salami distribution to workers for votes c) The essence of the procedure is to divide, weaken and partially destroy opponents 2) When was the Hungarian Workers' Party formed? a) 1948 b) 1949 c) 1952 3) The activity of the State Protection Authority is: a) It helps economic recovery b) Responsible for terror c) Legislation 4) Where were the people who were against the government sent? a) Concentration (labor) camps b) Internal camps c) Death camps 5) The state form is: a) Federal republic b) Monarchy c) Hungarian People's Republic / One-party state (system) 6) What was the other name of the labor competition movement? a) Stakhanovite movement b) Rocket movement c) Perestroika movement 7) Name of the 1947 Hungarian parliamentary election: a) Blue ballot election b) Black ballot election c) Red ballot election 8) Select the main characteristics of agriculture! a) Kulaks b) Collectivisation c) Abolition of private property d) Tax increase e) Introduction of a ticketing system f) Producer cooperatives 9) Select the main characteristics of culture! a) Praise of Rákosi and Stalin b) Compulsory holidays: 4th of April / 7th of November c) Centralized education d) Reading camp movement e) Schematism f) Castle games 10) What was the task of the Allied Control Commission? a) Restrictions on the rights of countries b) Organization of armaments c) Monitoring the functioning of governments




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