1) You get voted MVP of the Game a) Wow this is such and honor! I tried my best, but I didn't think I would get this b) I totally don't deserve that, Nick was definitely the better player 2) You get a 90 on your spelling test  a) I thought I might have gotten one wrong. I have to study a bit more for next week. b) What a stupid mistake. How did I miss that? It was an easy word. 3) You forget your homework. You usually do not forget your homework a) Everyone forgets their homework sometimes. I'll be honest and she will be understand b) Ugh I can't believe I forgot my homework. My teacher is going to think I'm so lazy 4) Your friend compliments your jacket a) She's always so nice, but this jacket is boring. She can't possibly actually like it. b) She is always so thoughtful. I'm glad she likes it. 5) You get out in a game in gym class a) I'm so terrible at these games. I'm just not athletic b) Phew that game was hard. I'm sure I'll do better next time. 6) You get an award for being kind a) Well I guess they had to figure something to give me an award for. Everyone is kind. b) It really means a lot that they notice that I try to be kind to others. 

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