1) Stage 1 a) Collectivization b) There were private ownership 2) Stage 2 a) 5 year plans only b) 3 year plans only c) 5 and 3 year plans 3) Stage 3 a) Church had great impact b) Churh was equal with the government c) Church was restricted 4) Stage 4 a) Yellow ballot b) Green ballot c) Red ballot d) Black ballot e) Blue ballot f) Purple ballot 5) Stage 5 a) Woman had to work b) Woman had not to work 6) Stage 6 a) Society with classes b) Classles society 7) Stage 7 a) Man had to admire Rákosi b) Woman had to admire Rákosi c) Kids had to admire Rákosi d) Nobody had to admire Rákosi e) Everybody had to admire Rákosi 8) Stage 8 a) Kingdom b) People's society c) People's republic d) Other 9) Stage 9 a) Rákosi came back to power personally b) Rákosi did never came back to power c) Rákosi never had power d) Rákosi came back to power, but not personally 10) Stage Final a) Rákosi lost supporters when he asked the Soviets for help b) Rákosi had more supporters after he asked the Soviets for help c) Rákosi never did that




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