He backed out of the job - He reversed a previous decision to accept, They are bringing out a new i Phone - They're launching a new i Phone, The company has closed down. - The company has shut, I'm going to see it through - I'm going to continue until the end, I will see to that customer - I will deal with that customer, I set out to increase sales - I had the objective of increasing sales, He set up a pet shop - He started a pet shop, I am standing in for the boss - I am temporarily replacing the boss, I took on a new project - I accepted the responsibility of a new project, I took over from Jim - I replaced Jim, I turned down the offer - I rejected the offer, We knock off at 5.00 - We finish work at 5.00, You should knuckle down - Concentrate and get on with your work, We are laying off staff - We are making a lot of staff redundant,

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