1. My uncle is going to leave me £2,000. I’m going to ____ £2,000. 2. I put some money aside every week for a holiday. I ____ money every week. 3. My brother has promised to give me €50 until next week. He has promised to ____ me €50. 4. I need to ask my mum to give me £20 until Friday. I need to ____ £20 from my mum. 5. I often spend money on stupid things. I often ____ money. 6. I don’t have enough money to buy that car. I ____ ____ to buy that car. 7. I usually have to pay the mechanic £100 to service my car. The mechanic ____ me £100. 8. These shoes are quite expensive. They are $200. They ____ $200. 9. Jim gave me £100. I haven't paid it back yet. I ____ him £100. 10. I want to buy some Bitcoin. I should make some profit. I want to ____ some money. 11. I work in a supermarket. They pay me £1,000 a month. I ____ £1,000 a month. 12. I could sell my house for about €200,000. My house is ____ about €200,000. 13. We need to get people to give money to build a new hospital. We want to ____ money for a new hospital.




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