Facebook Official - a romantic relationship that has been declared on your Facebook relationship status, Twitter Egg - a troll, some random anonymous user with little credibility, Social Notworking - procrastinating at work by spending time on social media, Don't @ Me - used when they don't want to hear your opinions on what they've posted, Sliding Into DMs - direct or private messaging a person on social media that you find attractive with the intention to spark a romance, Instafamous - describing someone who is famous on Instagram due to a large number of followers, Subtweet - a Twitter post that criticizes someone without directly mentioning their name, Vaguebooking - when someone posts something on social media that is intentionally vague, Twar - an argument or fight between two Twitter users, Finsta - a secondary, private Instagram account, Lurker - someone who browses social media, social media profiles, and forums, but without interacting or posting anything themselves, Weird Flex But OK - used in response to others bragging about odd, strange, or otherwise unnoteworthy achievements,

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