1) Where ... they leave? a) Does b) Is c) Are d) Do 2) She ... studying. a) Are b) Is c) 'm d) Am 3) She doesn't hasn't blue eyes. a) Correct b) Incorrect 4) Did you ... to New York. a) It b) Worked c) Go d) Be 5) I don't like ... spaghetti. a) X b) A c) No d) Some 6) How old ... your teachers? a) Years b) Are c) Have d) Do 7) I sleep in my ... a) Bedroom b) Kitchen c) Laundry d) Garage 8) ... you play tennis? a) Must b) Was c) Have d) Can 9) Did you sleep well? a) Yes, I did b) No, I Did c) Yes, I didn't d) No. I didn't 10) I go to school ... I'm a student. a) So b) Were c) But d) Under




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