1) Jane lives in a house. This is ______ house. a) hers b) her c) Jane d) she 2) We buy new bikes. The bikes are ______. a) your b) our c) us d) ours 3) I buy a cartoon book. This cartoon book is _______. a) mine b) me c) my d) I 4) My house is blue. ______ house is green. a) My b) Your c) Her d) You 5) She has a cat. This is _______ cat. a) hers b) she c) her d) him 6) The boys are playing with toys. Those toy are _______. a) theirs b) their c) them d) they 7) My father reading a book. This is _______ book. a) he b) him c) her d) his

Possessive Pronoun & Possessive Adjective




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