1) His keys ___ (steal) last week. a) were stolen b) are stolen 2) English ___ (teach) all around the world. a) was taught b) is taught 3) This museum ___ (visit) by thousands of people each week. a) are visited b) is visited 4) A new laboratory ___ (build) next year. a) will be built b) will be builded 5) The first successful software for MP3 players ___ (invent) by Tomislav Uzelac in 1997. a) was invented b) were invented 6) I think next year's final ____ (play) in Poland. a) will be played b) will played 7) "The Hobbit" ___ (translate) into over fifty languages. a) is translated b) has been translated 8) Portuguese ___ (speak) in Brazil. a) is spoken b) is speaked




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