1) What is the Nobel Prize funded by?  a) Coffee b) Explosives c) Tobacco 2) Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met to discuss post-war plans in 1945. Where? a) Yalta, USSR b) Potsdam, Germany c) Casablanca, Morocco 3)  What was the first man-made satellite called? a) Explorer b) Sputnik c) Luna 4) What was the title of Dr Martin Luther King’s speech? a) I Have a Dream b) I Have a Faith c) I Have a Hope 5) When and where was hip hop first introduced? a) Los Angeles, 1990s b) New York, 1970s c) Jamaica, 1980s 6) Which famous song was first recorded in 1984 as a part of the ''Band Aid'' project? a) White Christmas b) Do They Know It’s Christmas? c) All I Want For Christmas Is You 7) Was the Berlin Wall officially dismantled in 2000? a) Yes b) No 8) Is the Euro used as a local currency in Great Britain? a) Yes b) No 9) Where is the European Parliament situated? a) Brussels b) Paris c) Berlin 10) Which Grand Slam Tournament was won by Goran Ivanišević in 2001? a) Roland Garros b) Wimbledon c) US Open 11) Who were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the famous cartoon characters, created by? a) Elvis Presley b) Nelson Mandela c) Walt Disney 12) Which American singer is known as “the King of Rock and Roll”? a) Walt Disney b) Elvis Presley c) Nelson Mandela 13) Which African anti-apartheid leader was released from prison in 1990, after more than 27 years? a) Nelson Mandela b) Elvis Presley c) Walt Disney 14) Which American naval base was bombed by the Japanese in 1941? a) Point Loma b) Guam c) Pearl Harbor 15) Which Croatian city was particularly devastated in the Croatian War of Independence? a) Vukovar b) Zagreb c) Split

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