1) Which is the best definition of fiction? a) a story that comes from the author's imagination b) a story that comes from real life c) a story in the newspaper d) a story that takes place in space 2) Which best describes nonfiction? a) a book with many chapters b) writing that focuses on one person or main idea c) a story with no dialogue or conversations between animals d) writing that is based on facts and true things that happened 3) You would find this image in a ________ book. a) Fiction b) Nonfiction 4) Which of the following is most likely historical fiction? a) a short story about a prince and a talking frog b) a novel about a girl and her best friend c) a novel that takes place during the real event of the Civil War d) a short story about creatures on the planet Jupiter 5) Which beginning line of a book gives you a clue that it is fiction? a) "Last week, we learned about animals living in Asia." b) "Many years ago, King George wrote to his people." c) "Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a far-away land." d) "During the days of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex ruled." 6) Sam has written a story. Which sentence from the story shows that it is fiction? a) I got Max when he was a kitten. b) He is black with a white spot on his chest. c) Max told me that he got his white spot by jumping through the snow. d) His spot makes him the cutest cat in the world! 7) Which book title is probably fiction? a) Around the Sun: Our Solar System b) Apollo 13: The First Trip to the Moon c) Space Food: What Astronauts Eat d) Lost on Mars: The Adventures of the Lee Family 8) Which book is probably nonfiction? a) A book about a boy and a dragon b) A book about a robot that destroys the earth c) A book about a girl who travels back through time d) A book about the first teen to win a figure skating contest at the Olympics 9) A biography is a book based on a person's ________. a) fantasy b) real life c) best day d) favorite character 10) Mr. Thomson's fifth-grade class is writing stories about birds. Read a part of each story and choose the one that is the best example of fiction. a) One day, my sister and I were walking through the woods and came upon a nest. I peered inside to see two tiny blue shells. "Aren't they beautiful?" asked my sister. b) Last night, I heard scratching on my window. I was scared, so I called my mom. My mom peered out the window. "Look, Silly!" she said. "A bird has made a nest on your windowsill." c) I wake up every morning to the sound of birds. Some of the birds chirp. Others sound like they are singing a song. They sound very happy, but I'm not. "Quiet!" I say. "I'm trying to sleep!" d) I was waiting for the bus one day when I heard a tiny voice. "Can you help us?" asked the voice. I looked up into a tree to see a beautiful red bird talking. "Our nest blew out of the tree in last week's storm."




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