Haydn was born in the village of ____ in Austria. His ____ were not particularly ____. Haydn secured his first paid employment as a ____ for a Court Morzin. Haydn was in charge of the music-making at the Count's home, directing a small ____ and writing instrumental, keyboard and ____ works. On a trip to Vienna, Haydn met ____ and the two became friends, ____ each other's work, learning from each other's ____. Haydn's musical talent was ____ and he joined the choir of St Stephen's Cathedral in ____, also learning the ____ and organ, He became familiar with baroque music, including ____. Haydn was invited to stay at a ____ house to ____ and compose music for the musicians there. The musicians comprised of two ____, a viola player and a ____, so Haydn produced his first string quartets. On his way back to Vienna from ____, ____ met Beethoven, who then came to ____ for lessons with Haydn. Haydn undertook another ____ visit to London, composing more music ____ for the visit. Haydn died in ____. He left behind a ____ volume of music! Prince ____ died and his successor was not ____ in music. The Esterhazy ____ was disbanded and Haydn was given a ____ pension. ____ moved with the Prince to a new large ____, called Esterhaza, which was ____ from other cities. His fame spread and his music was published. On leaving the ____, Hadyn remained in ____. He taught music, composed and performed, but struggled financially. He enjoyed the work on C P E ____. Haydn's big break: being appointed second, then later, first ____ for Prince Paul Anton ____ in Eisenstadt, Hungry. The prince was very musical and had his own orchestra.

Joseph Haydn - Timeline





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