Roger Williams - Founder of Rhode Island, City Upon a Hill - Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1607 - Jamestown, Headright System - those paid passage to the New World received 50-100 acres, Cash crops - tobacco, rice, indigo, New England - short, swift moving rivers, hilly and 4 seasons, Maryland - Safe haven for Catholics, Pennsylvania - William Penn, Navigation Acts - all colonial goods must be shipped to England, salutary neglect - non enforcement of trade policies which benefitted the colonies, predestination - upon birth people are marked to either go to heaven or not, Mayflower Compact - majority rule, Separatists - Pilgrims, Non-Separatists - Puritans, Fundamental Orders of Conneticut - set up a unified government, first constitution in the colonies, joint stock company - shareholders contribute to the expenses incurred as a result of colonization in exchange for profits, House of Burgesses - first legislative body in the colonies, Bacon's Rebellion - turning point for the colonies in which slavery is used more than indentured servants, First Great Awakening - first social movement of people in the colonies, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - Jonathan Edwards,




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